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How to Reset Onstar Module

resetting onstar module instructions

If you've ever wondered how to reset your OnStar module but hesitated due to concerns about technical complexity, fear not. There are straightforward methods at your disposal that can help you accomplish this task with ease.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your OnStar module functions optimally and resolves any potential issues.

Whether you prefer using the OnStar button in your car, the OnStar app on your smartphone, or the Service Center method, each approach offers a simple way to reset your OnStar module effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Press and hold OnStar button or use OnStar app for a quick reset.
  • Disconnect battery, reset PIN, and reconnect for a comprehensive module refresh.
  • Follow specific steps for Chevy Colorado OnStar module reset.
  • Activate OnStar subscription online or at a service center for full benefits.

Resetting OnStar Module via OnStar Button

To reset the OnStar module via the OnStar button, press and hold the button in your car for 5 seconds. This action triggers a reboot message on the module, signifying that the module is refreshing.

The module undergoes a reboot process, ensuring that it's reset and ready for use. This reset method is an efficient way to address any issues with the OnStar system directly from your vehicle.

By following these steps, you guarantee that the OnStar functionality is restored, and any potential glitches are resolved promptly. Taking advantage of the OnStar button to reset the module is a straightforward process that empowers you to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle's OnStar system.

Resetting OnStar Module via OnStar App

How can you conveniently reset the OnStar module using the OnStar app on your smartphone or website?

To initiate the reset process, begin by accessing the OnStar app on your smartphone or visiting the OnStar website. Log in to your OnStar account and navigate to the Vehicle Services section where you'll find the option to reset the module.

The OnStar app offers a seamless way to reset the module without the need to visit a service center, ensuring you can manage this task easily from anywhere. With its user-friendly interface, the app simplifies the process of resetting the module, providing you with efficient control over your OnStar features.

Resetting Onstar Module Through Service Center

If you encounter challenges resetting the OnStar module via the OnStar app, the service center offers an alternative method for a thorough module reset. Disconnect the vehicle's battery and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to initiate the reset process through the service center. Dial 326 to reset your PIN after disconnecting the battery and wait for confirmation before reconnecting the battery to complete the procedure successfully.

Utilize the service center option for a comprehensive reset of the OnStar module to ensure proper functionality. Access the OnStar app on your smartphone or website to follow the outlined steps for a successful reset through the service center. This method is particularly useful for addressing any OnStar module issues effectively, providing a more in-depth solution compared to the app-based reset.

Resetting OnStar Module on Chevy Colorado

When resetting the OnStar module on your Chevy Colorado, you can follow various methods.

Initiate the process by utilizing the OnStar button method. Hold the OnStar button for 5 seconds until a reboot message appears on the screen.

If you prefer using the OnStar app, access your account and navigate to Vehicle Services to find the reset option for the OnStar module.

Another approach involves disconnecting the battery in your Chevy Colorado, resetting the PIN by dialing 326, and then reconnecting the battery post confirmation.

Following any of these methods will refresh the OnStar module, ensuring it functions optimally in your Chevy Colorado.

These same techniques are applicable for resetting the OnStar module in any GM vehicle, guaranteeing optimal performance and connectivity.

Activating OnStar Subscription

To seamlessly transition from resetting your OnStar module in your Chevy Colorado to activating your OnStar subscription, you can conveniently initiate the activation process online through your OnStar account. By logging in, you can explore different subscription plans, features, and benefits, and easily renew your subscription on the OnStar website.

If you prefer personalized assistance, visiting a customer service center is also an option for activating your OnStar subscription. Renewing online ensures a quick and efficient activation of OnStar services. Should you have any questions or concerns during the activation process, OnStar's real-time support will guide you through for a smooth experience.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your OnStar subscription is now activated and ready to provide you with its full range of features and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Onstar Car?

To reset your OnStar car, troubleshoot by accessing the OnStar button or app for a factory reset. Ensure compatibility, signal strength, and update software. For technical support, consult the user manual or contact customer service for DIY solutions.

Why Is the Red Light Flashing on My Onstar?

When the red light flashes on your Onstar, it signals potential issues needing attention. Troubleshooting steps, common issues, and Onstar activation are crucial. Address the red light promptly for system updates and safety. Reach out to technical support for assistance.

Is There a Fuse for Onstar?

To address the query about Onstar fuse, it's worth checking your vehicle's main fuses if encountering issues. Troubleshooting Onstar connection problems may necessitate a reset. For common malfunctions, consider resetting or contacting support for guidance.

Where Is Onstar Module Located?

To find the OnStar module location in your vehicle, check the glove box, trunk, dashboard, or under the rear seat. Identify the box-shaped module with multiple connectors. Consult the manual or contact OnStar for specific details.


In conclusion, resetting the OnStar module is a straightforward process that can be done easily using the OnStar button, app, or Service Center method. By following these steps, you can ensure that your OnStar system is functioning properly and address any potential issues that may arise.

So go ahead and reset your OnStar module today – it's as easy as pie!

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