July 17, 2020

MICR Toner: 8 Top Brand’s Premium Choice

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In many printing undertakings, the ordinary inks and toner cartridges are used to imprint images on the papers. These systems have one severe advantage. The quality of the imprints diminishes greatly with time. They are hence not really great for sensitive check printing and other official documents.

That is the hurdle which the MICR printing was invented to overcome. But just what is MICR printing? How different is it from the ordinary toner cartridge printing? What advantages does it potentially bring about? What are the major brands of these kinds of printers? We examine these and many more here below.

What Is MICR Toner?


The term ‘MICR’ stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It, unlike the regular inkjet and toner cartridges, uses Iron oxide to imprint characters on papers. This form of printing is faster and more efficient than ordinary toners. Moreover, its imprints also last longer and are less susceptible to charring than the normal inks. Hence it is great for check printing alongside other sensitive documents.

Top MICR Printer Brands

A number of firms are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of these MICR toners and MICR toner powder. In this section of our discussions, we examine the top brands and what they have to offer:


HP leads the pack among the many makers of these MICR toners. That is due to the higher quality of the products it churns out. Its printers have been noted to leave behind more permanent imprints that also endure the test of time. This is the brand to set your eyes on for those official records and check printing.


Troy is the brand of choice for MICR check printer and on-demand documents. It focuses mainly on security solutions that go a long way in minimizing fraud in organizations. Due to the cheaper and compact sizes of its printers, the Troy line of products is mainly useful for smaller businesses and startups.


Samsung does have a distinctive advantage of robust backend customer service support and free shipping. For this reason, it is a great one to look up to if you have commercial ends or want to handle highly sensitive documents. Examples of the items it may successfully handle are deposit slips, drafts, and bank check printing.

Canon Image

Many know Canon for producing awesome cameras and other photography devices. Few though know about its ability to manufacture MICR toners as well. As a matter of fact, this printer is strong and truly efficient. It is hence good enough to use in applications that demand higher volumes of centralized printing such as check printing.


Do you primarily want to combat fraud in the office? Choose to work with Lexmark. It is the one that is optimized for secure check printing and tackling a range of fraud schemes. Due to its high-quality craftsmanship, the printer is great for the long-lasting applications.


Short form for ‘International Business machines,’ IBM is mainly suited for commercial enterprises. This stems from its stronger makeup, ability to tackle the huge volume of tasks conveniently, and the excellent backend customer services and free shipping that backs its operations and products. Many of its printers are also versatile enough to work alongside other likeminded gadgets.


Do you have a variety of printing tasks to care for or handle? Set your eyes on Xerox if you answered this question in the affirmative. That is given the highly specialized nature of the Xerox printers. With these printers, you may sort, organize, and even alter the speeds of operations.

What To Consider Before Buying MICR Ink And Toner Cartidge

To be able to find the most suitable MICR toner and toner cartridges, there are a number of factors you have to put into consideration. Check that there are no rights reserved before sharing. These factors are:

The Nature of Construction

How the toner is constructed is a significant consideration. A good MICR toner has to be strong and durable enough to last you longer and work under the most difficult conditions available. Emphasize the durability especially if you plan to change locations every now and then as that is when the risks of damages are rife.

Intended Application

To what use would you like to devote the toner to? Is it merely home applications or could it be an office or commercial ends? A good magnetic ink printer has to be pretty relevant to the desired tasks as much as possible. You have to study your own environment of use and then pair the same with the toner you have in mind.


As we have mentioned and explained above, many brands are presently engaged in the manufacture and production of these toner cartridges. Moreover, they are also backed by different customer care regimes. It is in your best interest to draw a correlation between these two to make a successful find.

Operational Expertise

You will no doubt have to possess the necessary operational expertise to be able to man and engage the toner cartridges well. For this to happen, you will first and foremost have to ascertain your own degree of proficiency. Then, look for that toner whose makeup mirrors your own level of expertise before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

We now proceed to examine a couple of the frequently asked questions that surround the subject matter of the MICR toners and toner cartridges:

Can I use MICR toner in any printer?

A. NO! This MICR toner is only relevant for use in laser printers. The ordinary inkjet printers are incapable of paring and working hand in hand with this kind of toner at all. You hence have to find only the laser printer and use it for the job, thereafter.

Is MICR toner still necessary?

A. YES, but only on paper checks. That is because, in the recent past, there have been some innovations in image-based processing. These have negated the need to rely on the MICR toners to convert the paper checks into the images for the sake of facilitating electronic exchanges.

What is MICR toner made of?

A. A typical MICR toner basically comprises the Iron Oxide material that is highly magnetic. It is this magnetic material that is used to imprint images, characters, letters, and numbers of papers and more so checks. Being magnetic, it does not require fluids to be able to paste images on the surfaces.

Is MICR toner required to print checks?

A. YES, it is! The Federal Reserve and all the leading banks demand that all checks are printed using the MICR inks or MICR toners for the sake of easy processing. As explained already, these ‘inks’ are magnetic and hence simplify the processes of sorting and identification of the markings by the various machines.

Of later though, there has been the emergence of image-based processing. As explained above, this technology does not require the use of the MICR toners or MICR inks to convert the paper checks to the images. Thus, we have a wait and see attitude to ascertain the impact that this new innovation is bound to have on the use of MICR toners in check printing.


From the foregoing discussions, the benefits of the MICR toner for printing are too many and significant to forfeit. We hence urge you to move with speed and make good use of this technique as the earliest possible. Is it not great for you to share this information far and wide? There are rights reserved at all, and you are hence free to do so!

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